As a devotee of Ancient Greece and its mythology, I met my own destiny the first time I set foot on this place in Corfu, at the foot of Mt. Pantokrator, on a slope reaching down to the sea. I felt that I needed to exist deeply in this almost mystical countryside, longing for it to accept me and have me in. I dreamt that Pythia gave me a ``Chrismos``, to live and thrive on the island for evermore.


I Welcome you to a real heaven and I wish you to find your own ‘’chrismos’’, through the tranquility and the grandeur of this magical land.

In Ancient Greece the majestic site of Delphi was considered the hub of the world. A place filled with divine energy and mysticism.
People from the most distant corners of the then known world used to travel there to the sacred Oracle, to get Apollo’s precious answer on their queries on personal or political matters.

The god would speak through his priestess, Pythia: and she, after a bathing ritual of purification in the Castalia fountain, would deliver, in a state of trance, the divine prophecy, ``chrismos``, that was to define the destiny of whoever had asked.

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